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  • 09/24/2014 7:51 PM | Anonymous

    The Alexandria State of the Market Report is released twice a year by the Alexandria Economic Development Partnership and “…provides the latest updates on the City’s economy, the status of different development projects, insights into the office and retail markets, and residential sales patterns.” The information found in this publication seeks to provide an economic update for business owners, real estate professionals and any interested citizen of Alexandria or its surrounding area. Specific topics are covered in more detail in a spotlight section found at the end of the publication. This edition’s spotlight is on the growth in development in Old Town North. There are a number of active and planned development projects taking place in Old Town North, and the City has identified a need for a new small area plan for the neighborhood, which is scheduled to begin in 2016.

    Alexandria - The State of the Market: Mid-Year 2014

    You will also be able to find this publication on our LinkedIn page. We are also developing an Eisenhower Partnership Facebook page where this document will be posted as well.

    Please like us on Facebook, follow us on our new Twitter account @EisenhowerPart and find us on LinkedIn to stay up to date on news and updates concerning the Eisenhower Valley.

  • 09/23/2014 1:28 PM | Anonymous

    Flyer 3 Sept 29 2014.pdf

    Please join us at the 3rd Community Meeting concerning the Eisenhower West Small Area Plan. We and the City of Alexandria highly value your input!

    We hope to see you there!

  • 09/06/2014 2:02 PM | Anonymous

    The 5th Steering Committee Meeting will be help on Monday, September 8th at 7:00PM at the Samuel Tucker Elementary School Multi-Purpose Room/Mini Auditorium.


    The 3rd Community Meeting will be held on Monday, September 29th at 7:00PM at the Beatley Central Library.

  • 09/06/2014 1:58 PM | Anonymous


    The Alexandria City Council approved the Eisenhower West Small Area on May 29, 2013, to be the foremost item on the agenda for the Alexandria Department of Planning and Zoning.  The planning project is taking into account community visions, issue identification and the basic plan framework and is anticipated to be completed in late 2015. The City Manager appointed 12 members of the Alexandria Community to serve on the Eisenhower West Steering Committee. This committee will serve to guide the planning process as well as provide insight on suggested development ideas resulting from the Eisenhower West Transportation Study. The City’s Department of Transportation and Environmental Services is conducting this study at the same time as the Small Area Plan.


    The Eisenhower West Study Area is bounded by the Henry G Shirley Memorial Highway on the North West side, Holmes Run Parkway on the North East side, the Capitol Beltway on the South and Stulz Road on the West side.



    As of July 28th, 2014 there have been two community meetings and four steering committee meetings concerning the development of the Eisenhower West Small Area Plan.  The fourth steering committee meeting, which took place on June 30th, involved discussions about existing transportation issues within the Eisenhower West area as well as a report on an online, voluntary transportation poll and finally a discussion on the development possibility of a multimodal bridge.


    There are three main purpose goals of the transportation study that is being conducted in conjunction with the small area plan study. They are to examine various land use scenarios to be explored in the small area plan, conduct an analysis of the Multi-modal bridge idea that was recommended in the Landmark/Van Dorn Corridor Plan (2009) and to conduct an analysis on the need for an extension of the Clermont Connector between Eisenhower Ave and Duke Street.


    At the Steering Committee Meeting, members emphasized the need to define ‘underutilized’ in the context of Van Dorn Metrorail station. In a memo following the meeting, staff wrote that in comparison to other Alexandria Metrorail stations, the Van Dorn station has a significantly lower number of riders who walk to the station and a higher number of users that access the station by shuttle or personal car.  WMATA has show that the station capacity could increase within the existing infrastructure but if the number of daily riders who arrive at the station by car or shuttle increases, there would be little room to accommodate them.  T&ES recommends that the best way to improve utilization and accommodate more riders at the Van Dorn station would be through improving pedestrian and bike connectivity from the surrounding area.


    The Steering Committee Meeting also discussed the option for a multi-modal bridge that was originally proposed in the 2009 Landmark/Van Dorn Corridor Plan.  The multimodal bridge is still under much debate but could possibly be placed on the western edge of Armistead Booth Park, and staff stated that it aims to recommend touchdown locations for the bridge on Eisenhower Ave and South Pickett Street. There was much talk over what forms of transportation the bridge would hold and whether or not automobiles would be allowed.


    Next steps for the 5th Steering Committee Meeting will involve further discussion into the two main issues facing the Eisenhower West area; the economic development of the region and emphasis on the entire Eisenhower Valley as one economic corridor, and the utilization of the Van Dorn Metrorail station.


    The second and most recent Community Meeting too place on July 28th. At the meeting, three community-visioning activities were conducted in order to get a better idea for the change community members would like to see in the Eisenhower West area. The first exercise was a long term visioning exercise, which produced a graphic that can be seen on the Alexandria City - Eisenhower West website here; This graphic will serve as a marketing tool and reference piece as the Eisenhower West Small Area Plan continues to develop.  The second activity involved placing preferences, symbolized by difference colored stickers, on items community members would like to see emphasized in the plan. There were three key topic areas in which participants could place their stickers; Land Uses and Building Heights, Parks and Public Spaces and Amenities and Streetscape Elements. What is interesting to note is that in terms of building heights, the majority of stickers were placed in either the mid rise (4-8 stories) or high rise (9+ stories) categories. This indicates the desire for higher density in the Eisenhower West area as compared to the existing density now.  Connectivity was also a very popular category to place a preference sticker, indicating the desire of community members for higher connectivity in the area. The third activity asked participants to place stickers in places they wanted to preserve or enhance in the Eisenhower West area.  There was a high preference to preserve the Cameron Station area while enhancement of the businesses on Pickett Street was a highlighted choice.

  • 01/24/2014 7:59 PM | Anonymous

    TUESDAY, January 28, 3014

    From 7:30 AM to 11:30 AM

      Cost $20.00 at the door

    Carlyle Club

    411 John Carlyle St., Alexandria, VA 22324

    (703) 548-5953

    (Parking at Colonial Parking Lot # 656, 1925 Ballenger Ave.)

    RSVP by January 25, 2014

  • 11/10/2013 5:45 PM | Anonymous

     Members: Come and Vote!


    President: Frank Cole* - Society for Human  Resources

    Vice President: David Chamowitz* – Chamowitz &  Chamowitz

    Secretary: Lucy Kitchin* - Jones Lang  LaSalle

    Treasurer: Amanda Prather – Post  Properties

    Past President: Kay Tyler - Tyler Business Services, Inc.


    Agnes Artemel* – Artemel & Associates,  Inc.

    John Chapman – Council Member, City of  Alexandria

    Scott Kersjes – Innovation Facilities  Solutions

    Michael Renga – Covanta

    Allison Silberberg – Vice Mayor, City of  Alexandria

    Donnie Simpson* - Simpson  Development

    Sarah Vizzacchero – Hoffman  Management

    Kevin Washington – Christopher  Consultants

    At-Large Board

    Kerry Donley – Virginia Commerce  Bank

    Janet Gregor – Carlyle Community  Council

                        *Vote needed

  • 10/23/2013 7:16 PM | Anonymous
    Faroll Hamer, Director of Planning & Zoning, City of Alexandria, is going to provide information on the Eisenhower West Small Area Plan.
  • 10/13/2013 5:42 PM | Anonymous
    Mr. Young did a great job update a sold out crowd on what is going on in the City and the Valley.
  • 07/28/2013 3:01 PM | Anonymous
    Join the Eisenhower Partnership and the West End Business Association for a free after hours event at Hawthorne Suites. See Upcoming Events for more information!
  • 07/27/2013 5:39 PM | Anonymous
    FREE to Members! Sign up today...go to event registration.

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